Investment Criteria - Family Chateaux Community

Transaction Size

  • EBITDA: > $ 1 million

  • Enterprise value: $1 - $200 million

  • Equity investments: $1 - $100 million

Transaction Types

  • Leveraged buyouts / management buyouts

  • Buy-and-build / roll-up strategies

  • Growth equity

  • Recapitalizations

  • Real Estate / Multi-Family / Commercial / Industrial / Hospitality


Company Profiles

  • Stable and recurring cash flows

  • Attractive growth prospects

  • Strong product or service

  • Sustainable competitive advantages or barriers to entry

  • Positioned to benefit from demographic trends

  • Strong and committed management teams

  • Ability to expand or enhance brand or market presence

Operating Companies: Current

Chateaux Enterprises, LLC - Marciano Family Holding Company

Advisory Board Member/Partner: Current

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Family Chateaux has been instrumental in assisting us in both identifying capital partners and introducing us to strategic relationships that have helped us grow and scale our business.
— Richard Dent, IconMod