The Family Chateaux provides members of our community access to a curated social network of inspirational, influential, industry leaders.  Privileges include invitations to private dinners and events that are designed to foster the development of relationships with other successful families.  Family members and their decision makers meet in a private, collaborative, “non-sales” environment to share investment intelligence, experiences, opportunities and to increase their sphere of influence.


2019 Summit

summit 2019

Exclusive invitation-only event curated by Family Offices for our Family Office Community. 

This year’s "Invitation Only" Summit attracted over 250 guests and was designed to inform and educate the community on advancements in technology, health and wellness, and urbanization and how they will affect the businesses we own and invest in. 

Our program includes businesses from: Real Estate Technology, Opportunity Zones, Cannabis, Med Tech, Digital Assets, Blockchain Technology, and Media & Entertainment.

2019 Athlete Chateaux Series Kick-Off Event

250 Professional Athletes, Family Office Principals and Influencers.

Summit 2017

Our 2017 Summit drew over 150 family office participants to our two day interactive, social event.  The Summit took place at Sherwood Country Club and Westlake Village Four Seasons.  

We hosted our first annual charity dinner, where we raised $30K for the True Sioux Hope Foundation.  True Sioux Hope is a non-profit that is run by Twila True and benefits her tribe, which is the poorest community in the United States. 

Each year we will choose a family office led philanthropy, in line with our commitment to being a resource to our community.

Dinner Photos FCC.jpg

Summit 2016

Our 2015 and 2016 Summit drew over 80 family office participants.  The two day summits were held a Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA.,  providing guests an opportunity to meet with other families in collaborative, interactive forum. 

2016 highlights included a cocktail reception at a private estate on the beach in Malibu, private drivers were provided by Rolls Royce and a beautiful gala dinner ended the event. 


Thanks everyone. It has been a highly curated and entertaining summit
— Walfredo Della Gherardesca - FO Principal (Europe)
Just wanted to say thank you again to Tami, Ted and the entire Family Chateaux group for hosting such a great event! The panels and information provided was invaluable. But I have to say the relationships I’ve created are truly amazing!!!
— Alex Shaw - Principal, FO
The Family Chateaux Summit brings like family offices together for relationships, learning, and a unique collaborative environment. The Family Chateaux respects privacy and breaks through the awkward but desired conversation of making investments together. FC, fun and collaborative.
— Tyler Tysdal, Colorado FO Principal

Well done to the whole crew. Very well produced and solid content and networking. Thanks
— Tom - Family Office Principal